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Disinfectant Task Force will provide you with a "Badge of Honor" decal to prominently display. Your clientele can be assured that careful measures have bee​n taken to provide a safe and healthy environment for them, and can enter your establishment with confidence.


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Call Us!  Safely and Confidently Keep Your Doors Open!

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Make Sure Your Establishment Is Safe for All 

People of all ages, backgrounds, and physical constitutions coming and going to your workplace increases the chance of exposure to illnesses exponentially. Ensure everyone's safety by having Disinfectant Task Force regularly cover your  premises.  Our Decontamination and Preventative Cleaning services are available to clients in Kosciusko and surrounding counties. We are on call 24/7 for emergency response in case of a reported or suspected outbreak. With Disinfectant Task Force you will not need to shut the doors of your business.  Ask about our 90 day preventative service!

Give us a call, and Disintectant Task Force will deploy!

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Shield Our Children And Faculty! 

We are dedicated to providing rapid emergency response to our local schools and sporting event facilities, so parents and faculty can have peace of mind in the event of an outbreak!

Places Of Worship

The LAST THING we should be doing is closing the doors to our Churches!  Dont allow this pandemic to rule over corporate worship services and/or concerts! Give us a call and we will make sure you can enter into the House of God!